Check Out 10 iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better

Check Out 10 iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better

After months of drooling over flat icons and clean lines, I've finally gotten my hands on iOS 7. Let's take a look at 10 fresh features of the revamped operating system, from essential changes to the just plain neat. For instance, the new default wallpaper is an illusion. Ooooo.

1. The New Default Wallpaper Is An Illusion

Did I mention the new default wallpaper is an illusion? Are the apps moving, or the stars? I played it for 10 minutes. I need a hobby.

2. Game Center Has Less Felt, More Feeling

Seriously, what was with the green felt?

3. Apps Open From Icons, And Return From Whence They Came

We'll stop noticing within a week of the iOS launching, but for now it's the best thing ever.

4. Folders Are Their Own Little World

At any given time (when I haven't recently reset my iPad to load a new OS), I have at least 50 apps loaded on my iPad. Putting them into folders was an ugly task. Now it's pretty. I still won't remember to put them into folders, but if I did, wow.

5. No More App Loading Bars

Bars are so late 2000s. They're out. Circles are the new bars.

Check Out 10 iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better

Circles, ladies and gentlemen.

6. iPhone Photo Hoarders Have It So Much Easier Now

Not just an excuse to have a photo of my child on the internet — I need no excuse for that. This new functionality makes me want to load every photo on my PC onto my iPad, just to see them organised.

7. Multitasking Is Much More Android

Considering the number of games I play on my iPad on a weekly basis, the ability to easily close programs is pretty important. iOS 7 makes it kind of fun. Sorta.

8. The Soothing Sounds Of iTunes Radio

I am old. Keeping up with music is a chore. So is downloading any of the dozen apps that already do what iTunes radio does. Get off my lawn.

9. Death To The Search Your iDevice Screen

You're four pages into your iPhone or iPad and suddenly you have to get to the Settings menu. You rapidly swipe and end up on the damn search screen. Screw that. The search screen is dead.

10. Controller Support

You can't see it yet, but it's in there. It will be like a beautiful swan or something. Here's a picture of a swan.

Check Out 10 iOS 7 Features That Will Make Everything Better

These 10 things are just the tip of the iOSberg. Find out for yourself when iOS 7 launches on September 18, or just cheat like I did.

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    Ummm the search screen is not dead. It's just incorporated in every screen with a swipe down from within the screen. Also I'm going android cause it's pretty but boring. Bye bye iphone.

      umm yeah.. exactly like he says and demos in the video straight after that sentence. Did you think they'd really just say "The search screen is dead" without showing us what has replaced it?

    You used whence wrong. The correct usage is without the from since whence means, from where.

    if these are the "new" features of iOS which turn you on, I feel sorry for you.

    Apps open from icon rather than middle of the screen? Seriously?

    I guess that fits the typical shallow fashion-following mindset of the iphone crowd...

    oh well..each to their own

    As i have said, whatever turns you on....

    I...I'm not sure how serious this article is. I didn't realise Friday 13 was a day for satire.

    1. have you only just now discovered the 'wonders' of parallax imagery?
    2. skeumorphism vs flat. The great Apple transition.

    Not going to go on. I'll likely upgrade to an iPhone5S, but not for any of the reasons listed here.

    Seriously, that is what get you excited???? Wow. Please do yourself a favour and get an android. Apples days of innovation is long gone, they're merely fighting for relevance and survival lately.

      But, did you see, the Apps zoom right out of the icons! Holy SHIT, that's what I call innovation.

        Downvoters, you need new batteries in your sarcasm detectors.

    #10 loved it XD
    I can't wait for controller cases like that Logitech, gonna be so awesome! The reason I don't like mobile games is because I absolutely detest touch controls, so I'm looking forward to this.

      Android has had this for quite some time now..

        Games on android suck though. Especially now that the 5s is x64 the games will be much better than on android.

          Not really, I quite like the Android games (which may also be on iOS but I haven't checked)
          for example we have PS1 emulators that work perfectly with a PS3 controller.
          We have The Dark Meadow which is a great example of the graphics Android can achieve.
          We also have the GTA series, Asphalt 8 and Dead on Arrival 2.
          These are all console, or console worthy games, so IMO Android is doing quite fine.
          And considering we've had controller support for years, it's about time iOS caught up.

            1) There is no such thing as a good / top-selling android game that isn't also on iOS (80% chance it started on iOS first, a la Plants vs Zombies 2. There are a ton of top quality exclusive iOS games though.

            2) The dark meadow (while also being on iOS with extra content no less) doesn't look anything spectacular. Just look at the Infinity Blade III demo, it makes androids look like a last gen console (I'm talking psp type graphics here, with iphone being the vita, just for analogy).

            Last edited 15/09/13 8:29 am

    This is a pretty fantastic ad for Android. I am sure there are other things, but every single tweak here is so minor as to be chasing straws. The only thing of this ten that I think would really improve the experience of using the multitasking, which they blatantly ripped off from Android like so many other features.

    Which I wouldn't mind at all, if they weren't such a bunch of lawsuit happy assclowns.

    The Android fanboyinsh comments here are disappointing. I love Android too but that's no reason not to let IOS fans be happy with IOS without silly sniping.

    This article does it right- it celebrates new OS features in IOS without touting their superiority over other OSs.

      Agreed. Its painful to see so much immaturity on display, day after day. This article is just showing off a few of the very small touches in iOS7. Nothing more. But of course any article about Apple is enough to send Fandroids into "mine is better than yours" mode, where they have to tell us how much better Android is in every regard (and of course anyone that doesn't agree must be just "blind Apple sheep!").

      The arguments are all quite ridiculous really. I own a new Nexus 7 and an iPad 4. They are both great devices for different reasons. I love the freedom, customisation, widgets and deeper app integration of Android. However if Android tablet users knew just how many awesome tablet-optimised games, and powerful music/art/video/productivity apps they miss out on, they wouldn't be feeling so superior. There is a gulf of difference in available software that is optimised for iOS tablets. Its a bit like Linux vs Windows in that regard. If you want the latest and greatest software and a easier,smoother, curated (and therefore more locked-down) experience - iOS is the best choice. Power users who want deeper app integration (and something that is more akin to a PC in terms of how flexible it is to customise and tweak) are obviously best suited to Android. (or if you're like me - a combination of Android and jailbroken\heavily-tweaked iOS devices is the best solution).

      tl, dr: I love Android and iOS. Can't we all just get along?

    Whenever i hear the IOS vs Android argument i always think of this:

    So basically Apple is mimicking Android features that have been around for ages.

      Because samsung/sega/nintendo/ps/sony/ms/nokia/htc never scouted out the competition and integrated the parts they liked the best.....

        You're right. But Apple are constantly telling the sheep that they're on the cutting edge of technology. There's nothing pioneering about ios7 at all, apart from a gimmicky fingerprint scanner which will most likely not work properly anyway (the only biometric readers that actually work consistently are worth an arm and a leg, I'm well aware of this coming from a field in which they are predominantly used). Apple are awesome at one thing, not creating great technology, but marketing.

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