Channel Ten Launches TenPlay TV Streaming App

Channel Ten Launches TenPlay TV Streaming App

Ahead of the upcoming Homeland Season 3 premiere, Channel Ten has officially launched its newest catch-up TV app called Tenplay.

Tenplay is the latest streaming service from the aforementioned free-to-air network that incorporates live content alongside the catch-up material.

The service will be accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices, with a few caveats. The desktop/laptop version is available from today, as is the iOS app and the Sony Bravia streaming app. The Android version will come later on this year.

Interestingly, Ten promised that the service will also be available on hybrid broadcast broadband TV services later on in the year, presumably working with the National Broadband Service’s points of interconnect to push content closer to users.

Tenplay will allow users to create customised playlists for all you binge-watchers out there, and integrate social content, live content streaming and an EPG for people to schedule their viewing habits.