Braun CoolTec Australian Review: Science Meets Grooming Equals Perfection

How much science can really go into your grooming gadgets? Sure, you've got the miniaturisation of components and motors to make it sleeker and more power efficient, but other than that, how much really? Meet the Braun CoolTec razor: the most advanced foil shaver you'll ever put on your face.

What Is It?

The CoolTec is a shaver from Braun with two horizontal foils, separated by a metal bar. That metal bar is where the science comes in.

For years, men have been taught that their faces need to be warm in order to open up the pores and soften the beard for shaving. The unfortunate by-product of that is shaver rash and a red face when you're done. The redness and the soreness keeps the lotion and potion industry in business, but the CoolTec wants to put a stop to the suffering inherent in the male condition.

With foil shavers, the face doesn't need to be warm at all because the razor does all the work underneath. The problem of redness still occurs because when you put the foils to your face, it trims the hair while taking off the top layer of dead skin. That makes your body think the face is under attack, which means that healing cells are sent to puff up the area, simultaneously increasing warmth and in-turn redness in the face area.

To solve it, Braun has been experimenting with contraptions concealed inside a razor to cool your face. The CoolTec is the result of six years of German research: underneath the razor is a cooling element, much like in a fridge, which cools the metal bar on the centre of the shaver to cool your face as you shave. The CoolTec also works to remove heat from the face created by friction and dump it into a heat sink stowed away in the middle of the shaver.

What's Good?

This isn't just another shaving gadget. It actually works.

It cools your face as you shave, creating a really pleasant experience when you groom. The CoolTec technology means you're not having to reach for three different soothing balms after you shave (you should always be regularly moisturising, however).

The amazing battery on the CoolTec means you only have to charge it for less than an hour once a week in a funky little charging stand that comes with the shaver.

It's also waterproof so you can have a shave in the shower or just take it apart when you're done shaving and stick it under the tap to clean it. Finally, it's still light and easy to hold despite the added gadgetry within, making shaving easy.

What's Bad?

Braun sells an excellent cleaning stand for its foil shavers, but even on a premium product like the CoolTec, it'll cost you extra. The CoolTec is already an awesome product, but it'd be better as the complete Braun gadget package.

The only real issue that might turn you off the CoolTec is the fact that the cooling element seems to overheat after about 15-20 minutes of use. You'll have to leave it to (ironically) cool down after that before you can get the cooling benefit back. Thankfully, it still works like a normal shaver during that time.

It's still a foil shaver. Albeit a very good one, it still misses finer hairs where face meets neck. Nothing a quick stroke with a disposable can't fix, however.

Should You Buy It?

The good Germans at Braun knew how to make an amazing shaver before. Now with the addition of some gadgetry, the foil shaver might just be something you can use year-round, and not just when you're in a hurry for a passable shave.

The Braun CoolTec best foil shaver money can buy, thanks to the incredible fusion of science and grooming.


    Do we know much it will retail for in Australia?

      How about you google that yourself and see ? You could have found a price quicker than you posted a question asking about the price.

        Charlie could have also Googled a review rather than read Gizmodo but he chose to come here, as an Australian Review it should have some sort of pricing within the article.

        a month from now googling the product will have this article as the no.1 hit and have some douche comment like op's thrown in thier face

      Nerds are still gonna wanna keep their dirty neck beards.

    Sorry guys, you're looking around the $200 mark.

      $169 at the Good Guys, before you scratch if with your keys while they aren't looking and then demand a cheaper price.

    I tried this in Japan recently and it's very good but still too expensive IMO. I am still using the good old quatro titanium razors which last a long time before blade changes and can be bought cheaply if you hunt around

    So this amazing battery lasts a whole week between recharges. Wow, so my Phillips shaver that last me 26-27 days between recharges must be a freaking miracle.

    Not sure why anyone would care that the bar gets warm after 15-20 minutes. For gods-sake how long does it take you to shave? I hate shaving and am annoyed it takes me about 3 minutes. If you are taking 15-20 minutes you are obviously not shaving your face.

      Yeah mine last around three or four weeks too... :)

    It's the apocalypse.
    "... you should always be regularly moisturising, however."
    My life as a man is over.

    It’s still a foil shaver. Albeit a very good one, it still misses finer hairs where face meets neck. Nothing a quick stroke with a disposable can’t fix, however. This is why I don't really see the point in using foil shavers at all. I could just shave everything with a disposable.

      In the same boat. Plus it's almost impossible to shave the last little Hitler bit under my nose.

    Just man up and grow a beard.

    I dont understand why anyone would want to use electric shavers over razors? Seriously theyre cheaper, quicker, and do a better job.

      Some of us don't like scraping the top layer of skin off.... :)
      Seriously though, I've known a lot of guys who shave with blades and a lot who use electric, and in all honesty the ones who use an electric shaver tend to have smoother looking skin. Blades imho tend to cause the skin to toughen up too much for my liking. I'm over fifty, and in general I get told I look younger. Most of aren't pandering either...! :)

      Last edited 12/09/13 3:07 pm

        I had to use ID till I was 30, I have used a razor all my life, with a beard I get 32-33, without a beard 25, I'm 35. It has more to do with genetics than anything, I should add I grew up in Alice Springs so always had a tan, my sisters hate me because I do nothing to look after my skin, though they are being hard on themselves, they all look younger than they are

      I use both.
      But I can use an electric shaver in any room of the house, on the move, for times I want to clean up but dont have time to lather up and shave with a proper razor.

      Sometimes I cut myself shaving and I use the electric shaver on the next couple of days until my face heals.
      A nervy friend saw the dried blood spot and thought I'd developed skin cancer (overnight? roll eyes)

    The CoolTec technology means you’re not having to reach for three different soothing balms after you shaveIf your in need of shaving balm after using an electric razor, you either have a very girly face, the shaver is too aggressive or you're doing it wrong..! Been using an electric shaver for around four decades, never needed balm afterwards..!

    Of course the real issue with electric shavers is not solved and touched on in the article, and that's hair that grows against you skin, I'd take redness anyday if the damn things could just lift up that hair and get rid of it. 80% of my beard is this type of hair and so these electric shavers aren't worth my money. By the way washing your face with cold water after a shave gets rid of most of the redness anyway. Come on Braun give us hair lifting technology!!!

    I bought the CT2 new from the Shaver Shop before xmas and still on special at $99.00 I had originally gone in for my 2nd replacement head cartridge for an older 3 series and the CT2 was just $15 dearer than that replacement part. New battery technology at work here also & the cooling is great too...

    I have one, I thought the cooltec was just a marketing term and didn't know about the cooling element, I don't have any irritation problems and use it with the cooling element turned off and the battery lasts much longer.
    To the poster who said it gets warm, the cooling element is a Peltier and it is used in keeping CPUs cold and is used in small portable fridges and doesn't use a compressor. The hot/cold side is reversible and the fridge can also keep warm food warm.
    However it't not that efficient and twice as much heat is generated compared to the cooling effect.
    Therefore using the cooling feature will warm up the side away from the face and the heat has to go somewhere. It takes a while to build up the heat.

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