Aussie Start-Up Launches Online Escort Service

Aussie Start-Up Launches Online Escort Service

Looking for a little company tonight? An Aussie start-up is planning an online private escort service that reviews and rates escorts, finds local options and more.

Heart Hock, currently in beta, uses your location to identify listed escorts and agencies in your area – it found 50 for me in nearby areas, but only female escorts, no men.

All the search results are images, so you can select one that looks of interest and check out the reviews or read the blurb and pricing. You can even message the escort you fancy. The site shows whether escorts are online or offline when you hover over their picture.

We found out about the site from the Sydney subreddit on Reddit, and the admins have indicated that they’re happy to answer a few questions for us, so we’ll update here as we get a little more information.

Most of the escorts listed on the site at the moment are pre-filled from other listings. The admins then message the escort to say that they’d like to include them and ask them to add more details.

The sites admins admitted the difficulty of including reviews, saying “reviews to prove legitimacy are really important, but at the same time sex between random two people is such a subjective thing and varies so much person to person. Guess we’ve just gotta keep working on that one.”

They also suggested you think of Heart Hock as “an escort etsy”, saying “We’re essentially an online classifieds site with adult content.”

The idea of an online escort service listing in itself isn’t new, and even Escort reviews aren’t unique to Heart Hock. Generally though, reviews are confined to forums and it can be hard to confirm their legitimacy, so it could well be the implementation of that feature that helps distinguish Heart Hock from its competition.