Apple's iPhone 5c Case Looks Like A Cheese Grater Made For Toddlers

Apple's new mid-range phone is getting a "cool line of custom cases just for the 5c" that show off contrasting colours with 42 circular cutouts. 42. Cutouts.

Granted, these could look fine as long as you have one that is same colour as your iPhone 5c. But that's missing the point — Apple wants you to carry around what looks like a tool for kids to work on their hand-eye coordination. A+ for self-improvement, I guess.

Apple's iPhone 5C Case Looks Like a Cheese Grater Made for a Toddler

Being the fancy phone, the iPhone 5s naturally gets a nicer case, a more adult case — a leather case.

They look like they could be OK! The colours are great, but the fact that they're leather certainly makes a statement — this is Apple's expensive phone, and it comes with expensive accessories made of expensive materials, because status.

Picture: Alex Washburn/WIRED

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