UK Armed Siege Caused By Video Game Light Gun

UK Armed Siege Caused By Video Game Light Gun

The next time you’re waving your light gun out the window in celebration of another 1000 zombie headshots in House of the Dead, spare a thought for your distressed neighbours peering through the curtains — you may look like a crazed gunman.

That was the unfortunate situation in Spellow Lane, Walton, Liverpool, where police were called to a scene where startled passers-by claimed a man was waving a proper gun through his window. Merseyside police made an arrest, and promptly released a man without charge when it became clear he was in fact wielding the plastic gaming accessory.

“Merseyside Police takes all reports of gun crime seriously and if, as in this case, a member of the public reports that they believe someone is armed with a firearm and is pointing it from a window, officers will respond,” said a police spokesperson.

“In this instance, once officers gained entry to the property, they found that the imitation firearm was, in fact, from a computer console. The computer console was not in use at the time this was reported to us.”

It’s not yet clear whether the video game gun was something like a menacing Time Crisis pistol or Wii-rifle attachment, or the considerably less fearsome NES Zapper “Duck Hunt gun” pictured above. [The Telegraph]

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