A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones And Tablets To Call Home

A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones and Tablets To Call Home

Laugh if you will at the absurdity of a dock that can charge and store 10 different devices, but if you stop and actually count how many things you need to plug in every night, it stops being so absurd. By now most households have at least a few smartphones, gaming devices, and a couple of tablets. And with an influx of smartwatches poised to arrive, Griffin's new MultiDock seems like a reasonable accessory.

For starters it keeps everyone's charging cables in one central location, so no one's tearing apart the house trying to find one when their phone is almost dead. And it only needs to take up a single outlet to charge all your gear — that alone could be worth the MultiDock's $US700 price tag.

A USB-Packed Dock For All Your Phones and Tablets To Call Home

Businesses, and even schools, should appreciate the dock's locking door which keeps everything inside safe from sticky fingers. But it's also a great way to enforce your 'no mobile phone' ban while your kids are grounded. Try as they might, there's no chance they'll be able to check messages or answer a call when their smartphone is under lock and key. [Griffin Technology]

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