A Behind The Scenes Look At The Craziest Jeans Company In The World

Naked and Famous Denim is the Willy Wonka of the fashion world. Seriously, the Canadian jeans shop puts out glow-in-the-dark jeans,thermochromic pants that change colours, raspberry scratch n’ sniff denim and so much more crazy.

You’re not wearing pants as much as you are wearing the realised dreams of your childhood. Neon Films made a short documentary on the wacky world of Naked and Famous to see how they make their denim and more importantly, why. It’s a wonderland that smashes together old school production technique with new wave ideas.

The doc was shot by Matt LaFontaine and Kyle LaFontaine. It’s a must watch for any denim nerd, anybody curious about crazy and anyone who wants to know why raw selvedge denim is quite possibly the best fabric ever. [Neon Films]