YouTube’s Getting A Fantastic, Functional Makeover On Android

YouTube’s Getting A Fantastic, Functional Makeover On Android

Google’s YouTube app is getting a functional, stylish makeover Android today. Along with an updated, Google Now-esque, card-based design, you’ll also be able to enable your ADD by playing videos while looking for others and devouring whole playlists. Bet Microsoft is jealous.

In the new version of YouTube, all you have to do is swipe down on a playing video, and it’ll shrink down to a tiny version in the corner, leaving you free to do whatever other YouTube goodness you have to attend to. And if that includes searching for and/or watching playlists on your mobile app, you’re in luck for the first time ever.

The app’s also getting a little tweak to help it play nice with the lovely Chromecast (or Google TV, PS3 or whathaveyou). Whenever you’re connect to a streaming device, and select a video on the mobile app, you’ll get a preview window asking you if you want to play it right away or just throw it on the TV queue.

And, of course, it comes with a bit of a graphical overhaul that brings it into line with Google’s rather minimal, flat design scheme. Now it actually looks like it’s related to things like Keep and Google Now, complete with cards.

The update should be rolling out soon so keep your eyes open. As for iOS? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.