You Need To Watch This NBN Debate Between Turnbull And Albanese

The National Broadband Network is being used as a political football in this election campaign, but so far we haven't had anything resembling a meaningful debate. Until now. Last night, Malcolm Turnbull and Anthony Albanese had a reasonably civil 30-minute debate on their respective NBN plans.

It only took 1:38 before the first arrow was slung at an opponent, but for the most part, the debate was civil and informed. It's the best look at the NBN policy we've had in the whole election, focusing on cost, timeframe and technologies.

No matter who you think "won" this exchange, Emma Alberici needs a medal for her efforts to keep the two electoral heavyweights on message and away from punching on with each other.

Check it out on the Lateline website right now. [Lateline]

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