When Is The Next iPhone Coming? Arrival.io Can Help

Keeping track of Apple's more-or-less annual release cycle can be tough. When did the last MacBook Pro come out? When will we get the next iPhone? Is a new iPod on the horizon? Wonder no longer: Arrival.io is a beautifully simple representation of how long you should be waiting for the next Apple product.

Arrival.io looks at the historical data of how long Apple products have gone between drinks. That is: how long has it been historically between MacBook/iPhone/iPod/whatever launched?

It then averages the data and assumes that each product is on a yearly release schedule, so we'll see one in the next few hundred days or so.

Right now, according to historical data, we're 11 days overdue for the launch of a new iPhone, 191 days overdue for a new MacBook Pro and an insane 1050 days overdue for the launch of a new iPod Classic. Poor iPod.

Check it out! [<a href="Arrival.io]

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