Watch A Prankster ‘Accidentally’ Break His iMac In Front Of People

You know that soul-dropping feeling you get when you see someone drop their phone? It’s the sound that’s the most horrifying thing. A crisp crack that’s not unlike adding ice to your drink. Painful. There goes hundreds of dollars! Now imagine that same feeling multiplied as you watch in horror as some stranger drops his iMac box and you hear the shrieking shatter. That would be awful. That would also make for a HILARIOUS prank.

Joulethief pranked random mall shoppers again by dropping his iMac box in both completely believable and ridiculous ways: slipping and falling, balancing two boxes, celebrating and dropping it off a balcony, playing catch with the box and so on. Each time the iMac box falls, you hear the sound effect of shattering glass and electronics. Each time everyone around him is shocked beyond belief. Each time I crack up like a little kid. What a fantastic prank. [AwesomenessTV]