Here's Raw Footage Of Yesterday's F-16 Collision Rescue

Two F-16s Collided Last Night. Here's Raw Footage of the Rescue.

Last night, two F-16 fighter jets collided during a training mission off the coast of Chincoteague, Virginia. One pilot had to eject into the sea at about 10.30pm local time. Here's the captivating raw footage the US Coast Guard pulling him out of the water to safety.

The downed pilot was retrieved by a Coast Guard MH-60 Jayhawk. There's no sound, but if you're really interested in what a Jayhawk sounds like at close range in windy conditions, crank this video to 11. The other pilot involved was able to fly his F-16 safely back to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

All four planes involved in the training mission stayed in radio contact, with, I'd imagine, plenty of 100 per cent justified grumbling on the part of the pilot-turned-pool-buoy. While the DC Air National Guard is now short one $US18.8 million F-16, both pilots involved in the flying fender bender are said to be in good condition. [Associated Press]

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