A Wand That Turns Your Favourite Herbs Into A Disposable Basting Brush

A Wand That Turns Your Favourite Herbs Into a Disposable Basting Brush

They may ensure your roast or ribs stay moist and flavourful, but the nightmare of cleaning a basting brush almost makes the effort not worth it. What you need is some kind of disposable alternative. Something that not only lets you brush on added depth and flavour, but something that infuses its own unique seasoning at the same time. What you need is the Herb Wand.

Instead of flexible silicone spikes or long bristles, the $US20 wand uses branches of herbs on the end — like thyme or rosemary — for dabbing oil or other seasonings on your meat.

And before you demand aloud why the handle is even needed, try leaving a roast in your oven for a couple of hours and then sticking your arm in there to baste with just a sprig of rosemary. Do you smell that? That's not dinner burning. [Chef'n via The Green Head]

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