Turn Your Bike Into A Cargo Hauler In Minutes With This Clever Fork

Turn Your Bike Into a Cargo-Hauler In Minutes With This Clever Fork

The traditional handlebar bike basket can only carry so much, and while panniers over each tyre can boost your bicycle's cargo capacity, they're useless for toting larger packages. What you really need to turn your bike into a capable hauler is the Spanish-designed Noomad, which replaces your front wheel and fork with a pair of tilting wheels supporting a carrying platform.

Installation is fairly straightforward if you're already familiar with tinkering on your bike, and since removing the front fork also means you're down one set of brakes, the Noomad comes with its own including a lever that easily attaches to your handlebars. And since both wheels tilt as you lean into corners, it shouldn't take too long to get comfortable riding with the Noomad attached.

You're also not limited to just carrying boxes or suitcases. The Noomad kit — which starts at around $US600 — includes several mounting options meaning you could even toss a child seat on the front as well. Or just don't bother with cargo at all. The pair of wheels up front makes it easier for someone who never really learned to balance to enjoy a bike ride. [Noomad Bike via Gizmag]

Turn Your Bike Into a Cargo-Hauler In Minutes With This Clever Fork

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