This Weird Belgian-Australian Portable Shower Sprays Water Up Instead Of Down

The Viteo Shower is a portable outdoor shower that sprays water from below. It's not just a fancy name for a hose either. At least we think.

Gravity exists, so you have to wonder how this contraption works. Created by Belgian-Australian designer Danny Venlet, it's a simple disc that's activated by your body weight. When you step on it, it sends up streams of water 4m high that rain back on you.

We have so many questions: What if you're fat as hell? Or what if you're super skinny? Do you even get ample water pressure? And what if water goes up your nose? Or your butt?

Viteo works anywhere, as long as you have a hose to hook it up to. It costs $US825. (FYI this multi-nozzle hose attachment is $US12 and will do just about the same thing.) Since this thing looks a little more like novelty pool sprinkler rather than bathing apparatus, the Viteo website has some great suggestions of where you should use it.

On your patio just before dinner:

In a nearby forest:

Posing for a portrait near your pool:

We gotta admit, this thing is pretty ridiculous, and a sprinkler from a hardware store works similarly. But it does look like fun too. [Viteo via DesignTaxi]

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