This Death Star Hologram Was Made Using A Raspberry Pi

Who doesn't want a holographic Death Star sitting on the mantle at home? A group at the University of Leeds in the UK could make your dreams come true, as long as you don't mind the requirements: a plastic enclosure containing a ring of LEDs spinning at 300rpm, a Raspberry Pi and uh, electricity.

Called the "POV Globe", the device is the result of hard work done by a team of five from university's School of Electronic & Electrical Engineering. A full explanation of how the globe functions can be found on the project's blog, but essentially it uses fast-moving lights to create a persistent image, with the lights shifting colours to form a picture our brains can interpret.

In the photo to the right, you can see the globe in its idle state, where the LEDs and the Raspberry Pi are visible. In order to make the device work, the team had to build their own HDMI decoder, which plugs into the Pi.

You can check out the globe in action below. Sadly, it'll need to spin faster (from what I can tell) to create the best experience... for now, it's a bit vomit-inducing if you stare at it long enough.

[POV Globe, via DVICE]

Images and video: POV Globe


    Actually, I'd say it's spinning at a pretty good speed, it's just the framerate on the camera is messing with the image. This gets pointed out every time a video like this comes out.

    Whoa I lasted 19 seconds but most of that was: "Hey am I suddenly feeling nausea? Nah I can't be, that's ridic... man, yeah I think... yeah wow, I feel like I'm going to chunder."

    Good grief...

    Options for next step:
    First- 3 [or 4] arms of LEDs, giving a higher interlace resolution.
    Second- put the LEDs on a flexible PC, making the display boards "flatter". Then add another set of arms, inside the first set, spinning in the opposite direction. Planetary gear sets are your friend here.

    video doesnt have deathstar in it?

    I bought a toy like that which could display messages YEARS ago. This was a logical next step but hardly groundbreaking.

    Should've changed the fps settings of the camera to lower rate so that the projected image would be good.

      The camera we used to shoot this video didn't have that feature. We should be having a better quality video online within the next few weeks, i'll post it up when we have done so.

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