This Could Be Our First Look At A Colourful Budget iPhone

Just the other day we saw a beautiful budget iPhone backing that we’re hoping is real, and now we’re catching a glimpse of its colourful twin. Same sweet design, same heap of scepticism, but we just love imagining an incoming family of these coloured bad boys.

Just like last time, the photos come from one Sonny Dickson, and we don’t know much about him or where these supposed cases supposedly came from, so take these shots with as many grains of salt as you can stomach. We’ve reached out to Sonny to get his story.

We’ve had some fun imagining what the rumoured budget iPhone would look like with a splash of colour on it, and these shots are more food for iPhone daydreams. Consider it a thought experiment.

Dickson’s questionably real case boasts a shade of lime green that’s a bit less pastel than other imaginings, but one that still looks mighty fine. With a whole rainbow, we could be in for a nice break from that sleek but predictable black and white dichotomy.

It’s still anybody’s guess what the next iPhone announcement will really bring, and these unvetted shots don’t do much to tip the scales one way or the other. But they are fun to think about. What do you think? Is this a peek into September’s bounty? [Sonny Dickson via BGR]