These Meta Smart-Specs Are What Google Glass Should Have Been

Sure, they look janky and stupid, but the Meta wearable by SpaceGlasses are what Google Glass always should have been. The best part? You can order them right now for less than a Glass Explorer pays.

The Meta is a giant, augmented-reality headset that you strap to your face which supports cool stuff like virtual gaming, facial recognition and 3D visualisations to help you in your day to day life.

The cool demo video shows people meeting with each other, all wearing the glasses and immediately recognising and getting cool information on each other. One girl is visualising a 3D printed model before it's made, while three others are playing virtual laser tag. Awesome.

As far as hardware goes, the Meta is powered by two 960x540 transparent TFT LCD displays with a 23-degree field of view, a 720p camera, a 320x240 infra-red depth camera on top for measuring stuff in front of you, a 9-axis sensor array and a bunch of cool software on top of that.

You can order it right now for $US667: almost a third of the price Google is charging for Glass. [Meta]

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