The Ultimate Man Cave Is Now For Sale

The Ultimate Man Cave Is Now For Sale

Ever since you were a kid, you’ve probably dreamed of having your own secret lair. A secret access point behind a bookcase; a trapdoor leading into a bunker; even just a granny flat out the back of your parent’s house: lairs are cool. Now that you’re all grown-up, you can finally buy this secret lair for yourself: a secret bunker cut nine storeys below the surface in southern Tasmania, yours for just $3 million.

Nestled at the very bottom of the country in southern coastal Tasmania is the Tinderbox Road property: a luxury bunker for you and yours. The current owners have filled it with wine, but Lord knows you could fill it with whatever your heart desired.

The property is 21 acres in size, complete with an above-ground 300 square metre shed featuring a shower, toilet and open kitchen, and situated atop the cliffs nearby is the secret access point to your underground lair.

It took a mining company over six months to carve the hideout from the stone. Here’s how the real estate agent describes the place:

Deep inside the cliffs above the River Derwent lie some 4000 bottles of premium wine. Built by a mining company over a 6 and-a-half month period, the cellar is accessed via a tunnel from either the cliff top or the water’s edge. It is 9 storeys deep (35 metres from the cliff to water and 100 metres long and has underground power and water.

Entry at the top through a heavy security door leads to a curved metal staircase which winds its way down four storeys to the grotto-like main cellar where a 32 seat banquet table is surrounded by wine racks ready to entertain. The rock walls and pigmented white ceilings are lit by discreet fluorescent lighting. Flight after flight of concrete steps lead further down into the cliff to a kayak storage area and a massive weathered doorway and out onto a promenade of untouched rocky foreshore and the water.

Metres away from rare soft coral colonies, and where Pacific gulls, wedge-tail eagles and white-bellied sea eagles roam. Rock pools and little bays make it ideal for fishing, diving and snorkelling. Excavations for a proposed residence are near the tunnel entrance at the top of the cliff and when built will enjoy spectacular views across the Derwent estuary to the Iron Pot light and the infamous Storm Bay with Cape Raoul perfectly framed in the background. There are two registered bore holes and six large poly tanks for domestic water and a possible future vineyard.

Get an NBN connection into the property (it is Tasmania, after all), truck in some giant screens, a gaming rig/console or five and a swathe of other goodies and you’ve got yourself the ultimate man cave, all for a little over $3 million.