The Next Doctor Who Actor To Be Announced On Monday

The age of Matt Smith as the madman in a blue box is ending. Now we need to find a new Doctor to follow around the universe in the TARDIS, and the BBC plans to announce who the new Doctor is live to the world in the next few days.

The BBC is planning a live TV event on Sunday (UK time), which means we'll know who the new iteration of the universe's favourite Time Lord is on Monday in Australia.

We still have two episodes to go with Matt Smith as the Doctor: the 50th Anniversary Special coming up in November, and the Christmas Special in which he'll presumably regenerate into the new, to-be-announced Doctor.

So who will it be?

Bookmakers in the UK have taken the most money for an actor by the name of Peter Capaldi to play the Doctor, according to The Independent. Capaldi is best known for his role in The Thick Of It.

If you're sad about Matt Smith leaving, have a few fan-trailers of the 50th Anniversary Special to tide you over.


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