The Kids And Adults Inside Of Us Can’t Wait For This Imagineering Documentary

Even if you think Disneyland and Walt Disney World are too artificial, too sappy, too cutesy, you still have to admit they completely redefined the idea of a theme park. Visiting them makes you feel like you’re entered another world, and all of the ‘magic’ responsible for that feeling comes from the hardworking designers, engineers and artists that Disney refers to as Imagineers.

Finally, all of those talented folks are being given the recognition they deserve in an upcoming documentary.

At Disney’s D23 expo a few weeks ago, this trailer for Leslie Iwerks’ upcoming documentary The Imagineering Story was previewed, and it looks to be an amazing behind-the-scenes glimpse of all the technical magic that fills Disney’s theme parks.

Sadly, we’ll have to wait until 2016 to see it in theatres, but on the bright side, that gives us plenty of time to familiarise ourselves with the subject matter. You know, strictly for research purposes. [Disney Parks Blog via The Awesomer]