The Houston Texans Now Have The Biggest Jumbotron In The NFL

The Houston Texans Now Have The Biggest Jumbotron In The NFL

Someone might want to check on Jerry Jones because the Houston Texans are about to take a title the Cowboys have held since 2009. This Sunday, the Texans will unveil the biggest jumbotron in the NFL.

Produced by Mitsubishi, the Reliant Stadium screen is a made up of a series of connected boards, each measuring 16m high by 84m wide, for a total 1351sqm of display that’s packed with 5.28 million pixels. It’s a whole 25 per cent larger than the Cowboys Stadium behemoth, which is 22m high by 49m wide, or 1070sqm in all. The Cowboys still have a small advantage in that, with a 16 by 9 aspect ratio, their board can be used for either replays or a live feed. Reliant Stadium screen is not quite the biggest board in pro sports, however. NASCAR owns that with Charlotte’s Speedway One.

But everything is definitely bigger in Texas — this comparison chart by designer Daniel Beaton shows how the Reliant Stadium screen stacks up to other, lesser displays in football. Houston has certainly left them in the dust:

So while the Texans might not boast any Super Bowl rings, they’ve got one new title on lock. But what do fans look at when they go to a Texans game? [Houston Chronicle, Houston Texans, FastCo via Engadget via The Verge]

Update: As reader Football talk points out, the Denver Broncos, not the Tennessee Titans, now have the third largest screen in the NFL, thanks to the new board the team revealed last month.