SwiftKey Cloud Syncing Makes The Best Android Keyboard Even Better

SwiftKey is fantastic. It has great prediction, great personalisation, swipe-based entry options, and pretty much anything else you could want in a keyboard. Now, it’s getting even better with SwiftKey Cloud, which syncs your data between all your devices.

Part of SwiftKey’s secret sauce is how it can learn about your written voice from your Gmail, Twitter, Facebook and other services if you let it. But you used to have to painstakingly do that on every device. What a drag. With syncing though, you’ll never be without all your weird textual mannerisms and idiosyncratic swears ever again!

In addition to the syncing, SwiftKey’s Cloud update will also add more sources the keyboard’s predictive brain can learn from, and a feature called “Trending Phrases”, which will attempt to predict particularly topical word-strings. Cool beans, but that syncing is still the killer feature.

SwiftKey’s Cloud update is rolling out (for free) today to anyone who has the keyboard. And for anyone who doesn’t, SwiftKey is on sale in the Google Play Store for 50 per cent off. You should check it out because it’s fantastic, and at $1.99 it’s a steal. The only question is why didn’t this happen earlier? But I’m too happy to care too much about the answer.

Now if only they’d get rid of the stupid .com button, it’d be perfect.