Street Artist Replaces Erased Work With Stencil Of Guy Who Erased It

The work of a street artist is perhaps by definition impermanent; you create, it's found out, it's erased, you move on. Or, if you're a young man who goes by the name of DS, you spot the guy who's erasing your work, photograph him and come back later to immortalise him as a stencil in the exact same place.

You can't blame DS for reacting the way he did; after all, according to an interview with the Daily Mail, his previous piece only survived 8 hours before being scrubbed. And frankly, what he ended up with is a lot more interesting than the Hello Kitty commentary he'd started with.

DS tweeted out the results earlier this month, but it appears that his latest work is still standing as of yesterday. And even if the publicity it's gotten means it gets scrubbed, well, at least he's got inspiration for his next masterpiece. [Daily Mail via CNN]

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