Spotify Is Making Sharing Songs More Like Facebook Messaging

Spotify Is Making Sharing Songs More Like Facebook Messaging

Over the next week, Spotify will roll out a few new features to its web and mobile interfaces that’ll make getting to the music you want faster. The coolest of the bunch is that Spotify it will be threading its music sharing features so that it’ll look more like a long conversation on other platforms.

The new messaging will replace the inbox feature which was an interesting if not exactly fully featured way to learn about music from you friends on Spotify. It will work in the way that threaded conversations work in Facebook or over SMS. If you haven’t shared with a friend in a while, you’ll still be able to review you entire conversation over time.

We asked Spotify if it would be possible to play back an entire conversation with a friend as a playlist — mostly because that would be a super meaningful tool. Spotify responded that it’s a use case the company has explored.

Beyond the new messaging features, Spotify will be rolling out a web-based version of the new playlist features first reported by Gizmodo last week. The new features, which are basically Tunigo content ported over to Spotify, help you find playlists of music based on the contexts you’re likely to be listening to it in: You’re going for a run, you’re in a bad mood, you’re having a party, you just found out about the latest American foreign invasion, etc. (Spotify bought Tunigo back in May.) Spotify says it has greatly improved on Tunigo’s offerings by using its algorithms in concert with Tunigo’s editorial musicologists to surface many thousands of user-created playlists from Spotify.

The new features will come to mobile via iOS and Android app updates. The web-based features Gizmodo reported last week should show up to users in “weeks not months,” according to Spotify.