So Who Won The HTC One Phone From Vodafone And Gizmodo?

So Who Won The HTC One Phone From Vodafone And Gizmodo?

Last week we asked you to spot the difference in before and after versions of a photo taken with the HTC One and edited using its built-in Object Removal feature. Up for grabs: a 32GB HTC One on Vodafone. So who won?

Of course, we were also looking for the most creative responses as to why you deserve to win.

Big thanks the fab team at Vodafone Australia
for putting up the prize.

It’s all in celebration of Vodafone’s $60 plan that includes the HTC One at no extra cost.
Total min. cost $1440 over 24 months.

Gizmodo’s HTC One Review:
You’re The One That I Want


And The Winner Is….

We read through a huge amount of entries and our favourite response was from Alexander Gregg.
Congrats Alexander!

Describe how many, and what differences you can see…
A few people removed.
What’s particularly interesting is how it managed to fill in the details on the fence…

Briefly, tell us why you deserve to win…

I paid the premium for an insurance policy on my iPhone 4 for the entirety of it’s 24 month contract. About a week and a half afterward, I stopped to get fuel after a particularly long closing up shift at KFC.

As I walked in to pay, a scary looking fellow (motorbike, leather jacket, tattoos, biceps the size of my legs, etc) followed. I’d figured: ‘I’d pull out my phone and pretend to check the news or something and I won’t end up murdered.’

With every step I took, the goliath drew closer, until I completely lost my sh*t, tripped and catapulted my telephone, keys and wallet across the caltex and witnessed the screen not only shatter, but decorate the floor with the fragments of my (uninsured) broken dreams.

True story.

PS – this prompted a curious look from the not-so-terrifying-after-all gentleman, who kindly helped me locate the shards scattered under the displays.

Underneath the HTC One’s bright, 4.7-inch, 1080×1920 (469ppi) Super IPS display hides a monstrous 1.7Ghz quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip, 2GB RAM, a 4MP camera with Ultrapixel technology and up to 32GB storage juiced by a 2300mAh lithium-polymer battery. Learn more…