Send This Tiny Spacecraft On A Mission To The Moon

Send This Tiny Spacecraft On A Mission To The Moon

Good news! A project for personalised spacecraft has reached its funding goal, and you’ve still got time to get in on the Kickstarter goodies if you’re quick.

For affordability, it’s hard to beat $170 to buy your own personalised spacecraft that will beam a message of your choosing as it tries to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere from orbit. For that price, you also get to customise its appearance. Sound good? That’s exactly what you can get if you’re a backer in the Kickstarter from Pocket Spacecraft.

And if you’re after something more ambitious, $350 will get you a Lunar Scout that will land on the moon.

Pocket Spacecraft’s Kickstarter hasn’t met its funding goal – in fact it’s a long way short, so there are plenty of spacecraft still up for grabs. But with additional funding from other sources, the project will definitely be going ahead.

So why not join in, for science! Only Kickstart backers will get in on the deal, and you’ve got a day or so left to pledge.

Pocket Spacecraft was dreamed up by a team of engineers, designers and scientists. The spacecraft involve weigh just milligrams (and, for the larger ones, grams), making them affordable enough for mass participation.

Anyone spending the money on the Kickstarter, even those with an investment less than $2, will get to track the spacecraft through a Pocket Misson Control app that will relay its status as measured by various instruments.

Pocket Spacecraft’s first Kickstarter, Kicksat, funded a mothership that will be sent to NASA next month for launch into space later this year.