Scanning Fast Food Makes Fast Food Look Even Worse

Scanning Fast Food Makes Fast Food Look Even Worse

This isn’t exactly a news flash but hey, fast food isn’t good for you. And though sometimes that burger or that hot dog might look appetising in your head, it never looks like that in real life. Jon Feinstein’s photography series about fast food takes the common items we know and love and uses a scanner to create images of them. The results are haunting, soulless and almost depressing. This is the food we enjoy!

Though Feinstein’s project which started a few years ago resembles Scanwiches, Feinstein is able to capture the darker, more unappetizing side of food. Some patties look halfway rotten, most burgers are hastily assembled and there just doesn’t seem to be any sort of redeeming quality to the food. Hell, some of these pictures show food that don’t even look edible.

Feinstein told the Huffington Post:

I was interested in the continued complexity of how I and many Americans felt about fast food. We know it’s bad for you, we’ve seen the calorie counts, but somehow we keep coming back to it, either because we secretly enjoy it, or because it’s all we have access to in certain areas.

He labels his fast food scans with the amount of fat they contain. So that would be 14 grams and 39 grams up above. You can see many more images at Feinstein’s website here. [Jon Feinstein via Huffington Post]

This hot dog is 26 grams.

The pizza is 30 grams.

The fish burger is 18 grams.