Samsung Smartwatch Leak Suggests It Will Be A Dashboard For Phones

Samsung Smartwatch Leak Suggests It'll Be a Dashboard for Your Phone

The frequently reliable Ev_Leaks Twitter account just posted a pair of screenshots that give us a peek at the setup app for Samsung Galaxy Gear, which Samsung is set to announce on September 4. If these Gear Manager shots are real, the smartwatch will likely rely heavily on your phone to do anything.

If we believe the shots, they confirm that Galaxy Gear will come with NFC and Bluetooth, which the smartwatch will use for easy pairing with your phone or tablet. (You can connect manually as well.) Once paired, it looks as if you'll use the phone to configure most everything that the watch will be doing -- from setting the display time to tinkering with whatever apps the smartwatch supports. This leads us to believe that you won't be interacting too much with the watch itself -- it'll be mostly a way to access information from your phone. That would make sense, given that Galaxy Gear is likely to have limited screen real estate.

What will the apps behind those tantalising menu items actually do? Well that all depends what other instruments the hardware has on board. The Find My Watch app would seem to indicate that at the very least it'll have GPS. Find My Watch made us chuckle. As if we need another gadget to lose at the bar. [Twitter]


    All I really want is:

    -Get a call/message
    -Watch vibrates and perhaps makes a tone, don't really mind if it's just vibrate
    -Look at watch
    -Can see quick digest of information
    -Pull phone out of pocket if needed

    Basically the Pebble, but more attractive and with a touchscreen.

      A little add to that with SMS preview, either have a small keypad (I know pretty hard to do on small screen) or at least short pre determined customisable replies you can select.

      More attractive than the pebble? Not asking much are you? :P It's gorgeous!

        I've had a good play with one - I'll give you that it's nice enough, but I guess it's just not me enough... To each their own I suppose :)

      Add to that music controls and I'm sold

      My Pebble is a heap of crap. Sure the hardware is OK, but it's connection to my gnex is flaky and unreliable. I can't wait to see what a 'real' company like Samsung can do with a smart watch.

        I've never had a single problem with my pebble's connection. Have you updated the firmware and the app? Maybe you're phone's bluetooth is flaky or you got a lemon.

        EDIT: I realised the Gnex is BT3.0 not 4.0 so maybe it's that. I'm pretty sure the Pebble was designed to mainly support 4.0 due to the much lower battery usage.

        Last edited 01/09/13 11:02 am

        dude the GNEX BT is crap. I had one for over a year and had constant issues with it. Bought a S4, not a single issue. Blame the phone, not the watch.

    Heart rate monitor! Accelerometer based pedometer! GPS tracking! Like Nike fuel band only with more stuff to make it useful.

      Watch doesn't need GPS, your phone already has that, plus it's a huge drain on battery life.
      Pedometer functions could probably be performed by the phone too.
      Heart rate monitor would be great.
      Realistically, that's the only thing I think the Pebble is missing hardware wise. Perhaps an altimeter but that might affect the waterproof-ness.
      Everything else can be done via software.

    Put a calculator on that watch and it'll be perfect!

    Now I'll be carrying my iGass, iWatch, iPhone, iPad, iWallet, and iKeys... this is such a weight burden, can't we just implant an iBrain in our skull, and use it to withdraw cash, drive cars, answer phone calls, take pictures/video and serf the net?

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