Ruslan Kogan’s Mum Is Pretty Awesome

Ruslan Kogan’s Mum Is Pretty Awesome

I can’t imagine that this is an easy time for Australia’s most outspoken retailer, Ruslan Kogan. His MVNO start-up Kogan Mobile is essentially folded at this point after a high-profile dispute between Telstra and wholesaler ispONE. Thankfully, his mum was there to offer some awesome words of encouragement.

At 11:30pm last night, Ruslan’s phone buzzed with an email. It was from his mother, Irene. She’s obviously proud of her son for achieving so much at his young age, and she offered her particular brand of encouragement to Ruslan in light of the Kogan Mobile affair.

It was short and sweet:

To: Ruslan
From: Irene Kogan
Subject: LOVE YOU.
23:26, 19 August 2013


Ruslan tweeted a screenshot of the email earlier today.

Awesome. [Ruslan Kogan]