Report: Apple Is Shipping Both A High-End And Low-End iPhone Next Month

Report: Apple Is Shipping Both a High- and Low-End iPhone Next Month

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple has allegedly asked supplier Hon Hai Precision Industry to start shipping both a high-end and a low-end version of the iPhone next month. That's right -- the budget iPhone might really be happening.

What we've heard is the iPhone 5S is coming as a followup to the 5. But apparently Apple is also really going to reveal a cheaper, pared down iPhone 5C that could come in various colours and have a plastic back. There have been murmurings of a budget iPhone for a very long time, but this time around the rumours might actually be true. We'll find out what's up on September 10 -- the supposed date of Apple's next big reveal. [WSJ]


    For the company that pretty much invented the smartphone market, they sure are doing play a lot of catchup.

      I wouldn't really call this catchup. They're just entering a new market they didn't operate in before.

      I had smartphones years before I had an iPhone..

        I had a Sony Ericsson p800 in 2001 that had alot of the features of smart phones today. People use to think I was some crazy person using a full touch screen device back then. Then the market for those type of devices died away and it became all about the physical keyboards (blackberry) and then came back

      They invented it? You being serious?

      They may have put it on the map, but they FAR from invented it.


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    I wouldn't call iPhone 5C a "low-end" phone; expected price is between 500 and 600.
    It is more of a colorful phone priced mid-range. It is not clear yet if the specs are low-end or mid-range; I am more inclined to think it is spec-ed mid-range as well.

      I thought it was meant to be around $300 like the iPod touch?…

        I don't think it will be lower than 450; i.e. the price of iPhone 4 now.

    Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold

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