ReadQuick For iOS: Speed Through Your Saved Reading

ReadQuick For iOS: Speed Through Your Saved Reading

Everyone’s busy. Now, whether it’s for legitimate reasons or own anxious need to feel like we’re busy at all times is a different story. Regardless, anything we can do to save time is going to free up precious minute we (think) we so desperately need. Speed-reading app ReadQuick is here to do just that.

What does it do?

Originally only for iPad, ReadQuick actually launched last year as answer to the time lost when reading articles bogged down by superflous ads, links, and well, context. With the app, you’ll only be getting one word at a time — you can adjust the speed from anywhere between 100 and 800 WPM. Once you’ve found a pace that’s right for you, hook up Pocket, Instapaper or any number of specialised news and tech sites to get a single-word feed that should speed up the process.

Why do we like it?

It sometimes seems like the list of to-read articles grows and grows with nary a dent ever made. ReadQuick is great for the fact that not only should it speed the process up by cutting back on any on-page distractions as well as more or less forcing you to pay attention since the words are quite literally fleeting, but it also lets you organise your time more efficiently. You can arrange a chunk of content in the order you’d like to read it and see exactly how long it’ll take you to go through. And now that it’s on iPhone, it’s even easier to take it on the go, and the small screen is highly conducive to the single-word reading experience.


Download this app for: iOS ($4.49)
The best part: timed reading
The worst part: takes a while to get used to