Powder Is No Match For Smith's Peeper-Protecting Snowboard Goggles

If you plan on hitting the mountain before the end of the snow season, you need to make sure you're gear is good to go. Smith I/O Goggles will at least have you covered in the protective eyewear department.

This is a pair recommended by the editors at Transworld Snowboarding for their fit and because they come with two lenses — you wear the Ignitor Mirror on a normal day and the Blue Sensor on a nasty day when you're just getting blasted in the face with snow. It's apparently fairly easy to swap between the two. So for $US175, you're getting basically two goggles that aren't supposed to fog up much. It doesn't hurt that they look cool, either. Let's just hope for lots and lots of powder this season. [SmithOptics via Transworld Snowboarding]

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