Of Course The Hyperloop Has A Wacky News Animation

Elon Musk this week unveiled his plans for the Hyperloop: a giant vacuum-sealed tube that would allow humans to cross vast distances at incredible speed to cut down travel time. Like they do with so many great news events, Taiwan's Next Media have come up with a crazy animation of the Hyperloop announcement.

So according to Taiwanese news reports, the Hyperloop will see you probed internally by the TSA before being sat next to a horribly fat person as your clothes get blown off at 1300kph, leaving you at your destination very, very nude.


    Silly people, the window was bolted down for a reason!

    if you could stabilize the hyperloop across the ocean it could wipe out the need for plane that fall out of the sky

      Two options for bridging the ocean:
      1. Suspend the Hyperloop Tunnel at the centre of Huge buoyancy Rings designed to maintain themselves.
      2. A Hyperloop Tunnel one hundred meters below the Surface of the Ocean Anchored to the Sea Floor by cables.

      Musk himself said that for anything over 1500km, supersonic planes would be faster and cheaper. And they can fly to more than one destination.

        you could make the hyperloop more then one desitation easy, it wouldnt be 2 hard

    did that just finish with a backflipping panda? what in.. I don't even...

    guys,its not a vacuum

      It's 100 Pascals, which is about 1/1000 the air pressure at sea level. Not far off vacuum...

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