McDonald’s Turns Its Tables Into NFC Smartphone Racetracks

The Happy Meal is as synonymous with McDonald’s as the Big Mac, but now the international fast food chain is experimenting with what it’s calling the Happy Table. It’s another attempt to lure kids in that uses simple NFC stickers to turn its dining tables into virtual interactive race tracks.

The kids need access to a smartphone with wireless NFC capabilities, and a free downloadable app which turns the device into a car driven by one of the restaurant’s mascots. A series of NFC stickers on the underside of the table trigger different sections of track with various hazards, but also give access to other fast food-related mini games.

Created in conjunction with ad agency DDB Singapore, the enhanced tables are an easy upgrade for the restaurants and are slowly being rolled out across Asia. And while they provide a better alternative to those infectious disease lab playrooms, they unfortunately also promote two bad habits at once: fast food and smartphones out during meals. [YouTube via Taxi]