Lunchtime Deal: Nexus 4 8GB/16GB For $249/$299

Anybody need a new smartphone? Google's cut the asking price of the Nexus 4 by a tasty $100 effective immediately.

A sign of a new Nexus to drop imminently? Probably. But at $249 for the 8GB version or $299 for the 16GB variant, it's an incredibly attractive proposition. Sure, you don't get 4G, and there may well be a new one along shortly, but for the pure Google experience at this kind of price, it's worth considering at least.

Google announced the price cut via the Google Play twitter account, noting that "We've lowered the price of #Nexus4. Get it for 25% off or more in Australia, Canada, Germany, Spain, Korea, US, UK."




    WOW, that's suck, hahah I just got them in November for $399... good value for anyone looking for a good smartphone but still no white colour..

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      I bought mine literally a week ago... Wonder if I can get a partial refund haha, it was totally worth it regardless but I can't help and think I could spend that on games from the play store.

        If you paid using your credit card. Check the t's & c's some of them have a buy protection.

          I just went into Google's contact form. Pretty pleased with what I found actually. This might help anyone else out.

          Select, 'Devices purchased on Google Play',
          Then Select, 'Submit a request for a price protection refund',
          and then fill it out.

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    I bought mine a week ago. This sucks for me as I had put off buying one for 8 months...
      Select, 'Devices purchased on Google Play',
      Then Select, 'Submit a request for a price protection refund',
      and then fill it out.

        Awesome, done, thanks.

    Already way ahead of you! Grabbed one for the wife. I already have one myself.

    Bought mine a fortnight ago... *sigh*

      You might still be in luck if it's only 14 days...
      Select, 'Devices purchased on Google Play',
      Then Select, 'Submit a request for a price protection refund',
      and then fill it out.

    I bought one at $419 from Harvey Norman mid-July. GAHDAMIIT.

      If you bought it at Harvey Norman, you've really only got yourself to blame...

        Not really. I went to Harvey because it was slightly cheaper than going via Google Play, without the delivery wait.

        $419.00 via HN, or $425 via Google Play (for the 16GB version)

          I therefore commend you on your decision :)

    How Apple are still selling so many iPhones amazes me.
    Nexus 4 is superior to the iPhone 5 is most ways. Yet the Nexus 4 16gb is $550 cheaper than the 16gb iPhone 5. $250 v $800, Apple are the biggest bunch of con artists and everyone still falls for it. At least a few years ago, the iPhone was actually the best phone, iOS was the best software and the price wasn't that bad compared to other high end phones. Not anymore

      No 4G on Nexus4.

        There is LTE on there, however, it requires a significant amount of messing to get it to work. There is a plethora of LTE threads on reddit and xda-developers that have achieved 4G/LTE.

    Where can I buy this ? I dnt see any link to buy the phone, if anyone can help thanks

      Through the GooglePlay store, shipping 20 dollars, I ordered mine yesterday they come from Hong Kong so it says 5-7 business days to process and post

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    daayuuuuum. this makes me want this phone real badly. the only thing holding me back is awful camera...can any owners offer comments on it?

    Ya, where can I buy it besides the Google Play Store or Harvey Norman (which is still very expensive).

    you can now officially get the phones at this price
    (8GB)$249 and (16GB)$299

    Amazing !! I ordered mine from online Singapore on Tuesday and it arrived on my door step(Australia) on Friday
    I ordered a case from a Brisbane company and I am still waiting.
    What a fantastic price I can't believe it , what a beautiful phone.
    I dropped my HTC EVO 3D on Saturday and I did some internal damage so I just stumbled across the Google website and couldn't believe my luck.
    The voice typing is unbelievably accurate and this thing connects via my modem to my VOIP number and I can use it as a VOIP handset via the wireless connection.
    Installed jellybean 4.3 and I noticed I now have a shutter button for the camera , the volume button now doubles as the camera shutter clever !!

    Oh the camera..................its not that bad probably the same as my HTC and maybe not as sharp as the Iphone but its fine because I am a photographer so to me the cameras on phones are only toys to be used when desperate.

    I would not use a smartphone for a carry around camera they cannot compete because of their small photo sites and the pixels are packed so tight and are so small that noise is inevitable.........size does matter when it comes to sensors and results,after all it is a phone.

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