Last-Minute Father's Day Gifts

Yep, you read that correctly. Father's Day is on Sunday. If you still haven't got your father figure anything to show your geeky appreciation of his efforts in raising you, we have some ideas for you.


More Father's Day Gifts

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

You wanted to get Dad an e-reader, but you don't knock off until 5pm and most of the stores will be closed by then. Thankfully, the Kindle is sold in places like Big W which are open later than other gadget stores. For $159, you've got your Dad a Kindle Paperwhite. Crisis averted. (Big W, $159)

Amazon Kindle Gift Card

What better way to compliment that Kindle you just got him than something she can use to download books with? You can get them in practically any denomination, too, and all you need to do is pick a design you like and print it off. You could even use your office printer for that if you don't have your own. (Amazon)

Apple iPod Touch

You know what else is open late? The Apple Store, as well as places like Big W and K-Mart that sell stuff like iPods. That means you've got the perfect opportunity to nip in and pick up a great music player like the iPod Touch — or a cheaper one if you're keen on that — by expending minimum effort. (32GB iPod Touch from $329, Apple, Big W, K-Mart, JB Hi-Fi, other resellers)

iTunes Gift Card

And of course, no music player is complete without music, much like our e-book example earlier. The thing with iTunes Gift Cards, however, is that they're literally the easiest gift in the world to pick up. Supermarkets, newsagencies, gadget stores all sell them. Even goddamn petrol stations sell the things. They're everywhere. No excuses. ($20-$100, everywhere)

Spotify Premium

So your Dad is a hardcore music-lover? Why buy her one CD (what even is that?) when you can buy them a library of music? Spotify Premium subscriptions can be given a printable e-card so it's dead easy to get at the last minute. (Spotify)

Tap King

Dan Murphy's and First Choice Liquor are often open late, even on Saturdays. Get there now and get a delicious brew-centric gift for Dad.

Turning the pool room into a pub is simple with the Tap King. It's a small, keg-like attachment that you stick onto the front of a bottle of his favourite beer, and you've got a fridge-able mini-keg that's good for around 6 weeks. Just push and pour!

Plus, it has a bunch of Dad's favourite beers available for the system, including James Boag's, James Squire and Tooheys brews.

($31.90 for the dispenser, $35-$50 for beers)

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