Kogan Mobile Limps On With New Partnership

Kogan Mobile Limps On With New Partnership

Kogan Mobile customers are fleeing the carrier like it’s the Titanic right now following the collapse of ispONE, but a new lifeboat has been found to keep customers afloat for at least a month longer.

Kogan Mobile customers received a direct mail-out from the carrier late last night with an exclusive offer code inviting them to spend 30 days on Yatango Mobile.

Yatango is an MVNO that runs on the Optus network, meaning that anyone who takes up the offer would be switching their coverage offering for starters.

The life-raft offer sees customers transition their number to Yatango for the first 30-days on a provisional basis, while getting the same offer they were getting from Kogan: unlimited calls and texts with 6GB of data included.

Yatango is a post-paid provider, however it also has pre-paid/pay-as-you-go options also.

You can join a pay-as-you-go service on Yatango, but the pricing structure is such that you’ll still go without an “Unlimited” plan that you enjoyed on Kogan.

We played with the plan builder and found that for 1000 minutes of talk and 1000 SMS messages plus 5GB of data would cost $65 a month: a far cry from the $29/$39 plans that made Kogan Mobile so popular in the first place.

Even the 2GB data-only plan offered by Yatango is more expensive, coming in at $17 per month rather than the $14 offered by Kogan and Aldi Mobile. Plus, the Yatango service uses Optus 3G, not 4G or Telstra’s Next G, so data speeds will vary.

If you’re desperate to get onto a new carrier for the next 30 days for free, Yatango is your best bet, but keep in mind that it’s not getting you anywhere near what you did on Kogan Mobile if you decide to stay there.

Crutches image via Shuttestock