Kogan Mobile Is Starting A War With Telstra

Kogan Mobile Is Starting A War With Telstra

These really are fighting words.

After Telstra’s performance yesterday saying that it couldn’t be blamed for the failure of ispONE and the upcoming closure of Kogan Mobile, Kogan has responded with an incendiary post designed to expose Telstra’s real involvement in the whole affair.

Kogan Mobile’s simple response to yesterday’s Exchange Blog post is that while Telstra may not have directly facilitated the severance of the relationship with ispONE, it’s certainly profiting from it.

What Kogan wants is full disclosure from Telstra.

“Invitations to disclose” are littered throughout the blog post.

Kogan Mobile wants to know why someone can’t step into the role that ispONE facilitated as a reseller of Telstra’s network, it wants to know if Telstra has profited from the demise of ispONE, it wants to know how the court case between Telstra and ispONE magically vanished before the company declared insolvency, and it wants to know the deals it made in the dying minutes of ispONE.

The conspiracy that Telstra muscled ispONE out of the market to stop Kogan Mobile selling cheap unlimited plans abounds:

Does Telstra accept ispONE’s allegation that it ceased “supporting” ispONE due to concerns that Kogan Mobile’s pricing was too cheap?

We hope and expect that Telstra will come clean with the Australian public, and Kogan Mobile’s 120,000 customers on these matters.

In the meantime, Kogan Mobile is accusing Telstra of spreading “misinformation”.

The full blog post is certainly worth a read. [Kogan]