Kickstarter Is Coming To Australia

Kickstarter, the world's favourite crowdfunding platform, is finally planning on making a move Down Under!

Kickstarter outed a teaser page with a person drawing an Australian flag onto a blackboard this morning, complete with the message that the crowdfunding platform would be live in Australia and New Zealand shortly.

There's even an opportunity to get in early and be one of the first projects to launch on the local Kickstarter platform.

Australia. New Zealand. Soon.
Kickstarter will open up to Australia- and New Zealand-based projects in the very near future.
Tell us what kind of project you're interested in launching, and we'll make sure you're the first to know when everything's ready.




    No New Zealand Flag! Winner!

      The little video in the background switches and sees a lady drawing a NZ flag. Sorry to burst your bubble!

    That's awesome. I have been planning a project for ages and Kickstarter would definitely have better international recognition.

    Shame the Kickstarter School isn't coming to Brisbane. It could be interesting.

    Time to remove cobwebs off my board game idea

    I wonder what this will mean for local crowdfunding site Pozible? Their profile is nowhere nearly as high as Kickstarter, but they have helped some good projects get through... and I think their cut is smaller than Kickstarter & Amazon's....

    LOL! I just spent 4 months jumping through a million hoops and a month in the USA to get on Kickstarter. And NOW they announce it midway through my campaign. LOL I can only laugh. Check out my project. ... Brakeboard

    I guess one of the following items on this list will be funded successfully:
    A beer related project (cheaper, easier, colder-faster or free).
    A BBQ related project (faster, less charring, idiot -proof).
    A fly/insect-pest prevention related project.
    Self-mowing lawn.
    And depending on the outcome of the election, something which either redirects or stops boats.

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