iOS 7 Tracks Your Every Move And Displays Your Favourite Places

IOS 7 Tracks Your Every Move and Displays Your Favourite Places

Creepy new feature alert! Buried in the Settings menu of the latest beta version of iOS 7 is the somewhat unsettling ability to see everywhere you've been since upgrading the operating system. It makes you wonder: Who else can see these maps?

The new feature was pointed out on Wednesday morning by a hacker news commenter and then explored by BuzzFeed's Charlie Warzel who confirmed with Apple that this is a consumer-facing feature, not a developer bonus. You just go to your iPhone Settings, then Privacy, then Location Services, then System Services where you'll see a very curious option to see your Favourite Locations. It is exactly what it sounds like: a map of the places you've visited most frequently, down to the (thankfully slightly inaccurate) street address.

It's fun to take the trip down memory lane and check out the map from your recent trip home to Tennessee or wherever. But it's also a harsh reminder that the little GPS chip in your iPhone is tracking your every move and uploading it to an Apple server somewhere. If you don't like the sound of this, the good news is that you can just turn location services off and put a stop to this monkey business right away. [BuzzFeed]

IOS 7 Tracks Your Every Move and Displays Your Favourite Places


    This feature was not released in the latest beta, but in fact has been around since earlier betas.

    Also, why turn off Location Services which you need for maps etc, when you can just turn off Frequent Locations?

    Going by the screenshots you don't have to turn Location Services off altogether, you can just turn off this Frequent Locations feature. At least you can do that, location services are actually useful for some apps.

    It's been around since beta 3 i think, and it's actually a very useful feature.

    It also provides pre-emptive traffic report for locations you visit regularly at a certain time -- for example, Monday to Friday i typically leave work around 5pm to drive home. iOS7 has noticed that this is a typical trend for me and displays how long the journey will take me to get home in current traffic conditions without me having to ask. The info appears in the Notification Centre.

    It's on by default in the betas, but then again most new features are on by default for beta/testing purposes. This feature may well prompt the user to turn on when first installed in the final release.

      And people say iOS7 is nothing but a new coat of paint. That's a really nifty feature.

        Those people should actually try the beta then. Just looking at photos and articles it looks like nothing but a coat of paint, but actually using it you realise its a nice upgrade full of improvements. I can't go back to my work iPad stuck on iOS 6.

        That's unless of course, like some people around here, a bit of glassiness puts you off...

        Hah, I'm a bit late to this party but it's worth pointing out that google now has been offering this on an 'opt in' basis for months. So it's not just a new lick of paint but some great new 'liberated' features... :)

      In other words..... Google's Google Now?

    Uh has anyone actually used google now, it does the same bloody thing...
    google is watching you... as is apple and microsoft and facebook and twitter... and their all being watched by the NSA, so everyone calm down...
    If you don't want to be tracked turn off location services...

      Yep. And you know what, I fricking LOVE Google Now. Track my every move? Hell, I'm on the radar. You don't need a GPS in a phone to track my movements.

      If you don't want to be tracked turn off location services...
      If only it were that simple.

    My mates HTC does this already, looking forward to it on my fruit phone.

    Is this used for the notification section, like in the morning it would say it's 30 minutes to the CBD or even now it says it is 25 minutes to get home.... i don't remember telling it where my home is.

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