iOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

As we march towards the release of iOS 7 in a couple months, Apple has released the fifth beta of its mobile OS. Here's what we've noticed so far about today's changes.

The icons in Settings have been tweaked like so:

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

Icons in-call are now rounded just like on the lockscreen:

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

Slide to power off has also been tweaked. Beta 5 is on the left and beta 4 is on the right:

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

You can now disable Control Center when in an app:

IOS 7 Beta 5 Changes: A Visual Walkthrough

Depending on what colour iPhone 5 you have, the install screen adjusts accordingly:

@markgurman white iPhone now has a black apple and a white background — Vincent Löffler (@VincentLoeffler) August 6, 2013

See anything else, let us know!



    How do you end a call again?

      1. Get a bucket.
      2. Hold down the home button until the dual-tone tells you Siri is 'listening'
      3. Tell Siri - 'Hang up on this fool.'
      4. Fill the bucket with water.
      5. Siri will ask - 'Did you say, 'Hang upon dish foot?'
      6. Drop the iPhone on the bucket of water.
      7. Laugh maniacally - screaming 'I SAID HANG UP ON THIS FOOL!!' at the bucket.

      Be careful not to get electrocuted doing this.

        You out trolled me. Well played sir.

        Last edited 07/08/13 2:33 pm

          Thanks for crossing the bridge. Please - call again.

    Lookin' good. Can feel we're getting close to final build. Running very smooth and responsive.

    I like the simplicity of the older beta settings icons, but a splash of colour does help.

    Pause and play your music using your headphone's mic button from the music app now works. It was broken in beta 4. I thought my headphones were broken until I tried it on an ios6 phone.

      Thank goodness for that. I was wondering if it was my headphones or beta 4 too.

      Awesome, I have been waiting for this to be fixed!

    Doesn't anyone have a patent on "7" ?

    "Depending on what colour iPhone 5 you have, the install screen adjusts accordingly"

    For the iPhone 5C or M perhaps?

    Bat is running better on my 5, 47% 28 hours since last charge

    Battery life is so good under iOS 7. I'm getting home from work with well over 70% remaining. Under iOS 6 I was lucky to have 20% left.

    I'm curious as to how this runs on the iPhone 4. iOS 6 runs very poorly. I don't know whether to just deal with this or take a gamble on iOS 7.

      I have to admit something shameful.... On my iPhone 4 I'm still running whatever iOS it was that still had Google Maps as the default map app... 5.1.3 I think?

      Just done the beta 5 update ( first time installed ) on my iPhone 4 32Gb

      Seems to be running reasonably smooth, still has some lag issues ( plays catchup ) just the same as iOS 6 but feels more adapted to the phone design ( screen size & layout )

      Just having an issue with my new control center not sliding up, waiting on music to sync so i can reboot and see if that fixes it...

    On my iPad, Notification Center, Control Center and Siri no longer have the blurry frosted glass overlay effect - just a slightly transparent white or black background. The dock, spotlight search, folder backgrounds etc retain the frosted glass.

    My iPad is a 3rd-gen, it may be they've decided it's not fast enough for those effects at full-screen.

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