iiNet Steps In To Buy Adam Internet

After Telstra screwed the proverbial market pooch on its acquisition of Adam Internet, iiNet has now swooped in on the regional ISP to acquire it for a sum of $60 million.

Adam Internet currently has 70,000 broadband subscribers in the Northern Territory and South Australia, and the acquisition of the ISP brings iiNet's total customer numbers up to 900,000.

The ACCC has already cleared the acquisition of Adam by iiNet, but other structural and procedural hurdles still need to be adhered to. iiNet expects the deal to be completed by 31 August.

Are you an Adam Internet customer? What do you think? [Lifehacker]



    No shock this time around.. they'd expressed that they wanted to sell and iiNet was the obvious match.
    It's still disappointing though. I suspect we'll lose the Adelaide call centre and I wouldn't be surprised to see the brand dissolve away over time (as has been the fate of other "small" iiNet acquisitions).
    On the flip-side, I'm looking forward to the benefits that iiNet might provide.

      Internode still has Adelaide-based sales and help desk call centres.

        Tbh, I'm glad to see Adam go, they our over priced and their technically support is shocking. I asked them once why my unmetered content was being counted in my usage. The tech support guys basically said "I don't know, and I can't find out, sorry". I couldn't believe it...

      ISPs with a loyal customer base are unlikely to be re-branded to iiNet. It's why ISPs like Internode and Westnet haven't been re-branded.

    Been with iiNEt for 4.5 years - nothing but praise.

      Been with TransACT in Geelong for about 14months 2months ago when I was transitioned to iiNet. Since then there is a capacity issue as my 100mb line goes to .5mb line. With a 5 month fix planned...

      I'd say terrible company and don't know when to stop.

      PS: Not just me with slow speeds in Geelong, but everyone on the HFC in geelong.

    if only iinet would take on board CommunityNet across all of its companys (internode, iinet etc)

    now that would be awesome

    and for people that dont know what CommunityNet is then have a look

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