How Shapeways Squeezes Every Last Bit Out Of A 3D-Printing Run

How Shapeways Squeezes Every Last Bit Out of a 3D Printing Run

With the help of the latest in 3D-printing technology, Shapeways has redefined how a factory floor works. Instead of an assembly line where workers slowly assemble a single product, a sea of 3D printers methodically build up a myriad of different objects all at the same time.

And to maximise the print runs — which can usually take anywhere from 24 to 36 hours — the company uses a special piece of software that lets them cram as many 3D models onto the printbed as possible.

This behind the scenes look at the company's European headquarters is a neat glimpse of what the future of manufacturing will probably eventually be like around the world. That is until we all end up with a room-sized laser printer at home that can churn out whatever our hearts desire. [Vimeo via Notcot]

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