How Much Caffeine Are You Actually Getting In That Cup Of Coffee?

How Much Caffeine Are You Actually Getting in That Cup of Coffee?

Confession: I don't drink coffee. I know next to nothing about what makes a good cup of brown flavored water other than it involving sniper precision measurements, calculus-level maths, tools that are fit for a serial killer, forearms that would make Popeye jealous and a full beard. What I DO know is that more is always greater than less. So here's a pretty graph showing which coffee shops give you the most caffeine in your coffee.

Of course, true coffee folks would refuse to ever drink from any of these establishments but for us regular folk who need a quick fix, it doesn't get easier than hitting up the local Starbucks. And good thing! Because Starbucks gives you the most caffeine for your coffee (Death Wish Coffee is a little ridiculous).

Thrillist cooked up this graphic with information from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and The measurement shows how many milligrams of caffeine there are per fluid ounce of coffee. Your individual coffee shop may vary, of course. [Thrillist via LaughingSquid]

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