Holy Crap, This Water-Based Display Makes Water’s Surface A Touchscreen

You probably stopped taking baths somewhere around high school when you realised you were just soaking in your own filth. But thanks to researchers at the University of Electro-Communications’ Koike Laboratory who used a Kinect to turn a pool of water into an interactive display, it might be worth skipping the shower for a long relaxing soak again.

The AquaTop Display projection system uses an Xbox Kinect and a 3D depth camera to create images that appear to float and interact on the surface of water. Not only does the technology make for fun demos, it also provides a unique way to navigate a user interface by splashing around in the water. And sadly, while there’s no indication the researchers actually plan to commercialize their creation, if you’ve ever been hesitant about bringing your phone or tablet into the bathroom with you, the AquaTop Display could make it perfectly safe to check emails or watch movies while you’re getting ready for work. [AquaTop Display via Gizmag]