Here’s Your Unofficial ABC iView Client For Android

Here’s Your Unofficial ABC iView Client For Android

Quick! Before it’s taken down.

You poor Android users have been waiting an age for a decent iView client, right? Try aview: the unofficial iView client for Android.

aview is an unofficial, open source iView client for Android that pledges to connect you with your favourite content as best as it can. It’s still a work in progress according to the developers.

Here are the features:

• Better search UI
• Better 10″ tablet video player UI
• Video controls overhaul
• Better navigation to next / other episodes in a series from the video player.
• Android TV stick compatibility
• Google TV compatibility
• Working HTTP Live Streaming (if the ABC don’t fix their broken implementation first)
• Higher res images
• Captions
• Cloud synced watch lists

Don’t be left out when it comes to Android on iView: grab this before it gets taken down. [aview]