Here's Your Unofficial ABC iView Client For Android

Quick! Before it's taken down.

You poor Android users have been waiting an age for a decent iView client, right? Try aview: the unofficial iView client for Android.

aview is an unofficial, open source iView client for Android that pledges to connect you with your favourite content as best as it can. It's still a work in progress according to the developers.

Here are the features:

• Better search UI • Better 10" tablet video player UI • Video controls overhaul • Better navigation to next / other episodes in a series from the video player. • Android TV stick compatibility • Google TV compatibility • Working HTTP Live Streaming (if the ABC don't fix their broken implementation first) • Higher res images • Captions • Cloud synced watch lists

Don't be left out when it comes to Android on iView: grab this before it gets taken down. [aview]



    Works really well, and the picture is fantastic on my HTC One!

    Yay. Please don't take it down ABC.

      I hope this would encourage them to do a good Android Player.

    I sideload Flash, works perfectly with the stock browser, Iview launches fully as it would on a desktop. The only disadvantage is that browsing the vids is a bit cramped.
    Considering how well that works on every Android device I've tried it on I am absolutely mystified why ABC hasn't made an official app for it.
    I know part of the original reason was that they just couldn't be fucked, and Flash was officially supported on Android so they didn't really have to bother anyway... But Flash is something you have to install unofficially now, not many normal users will have it and half or more of the ABC audience will have Android devices. They're just being negligent now. If it already works fine under flash in a browser and someone has made an unofficial app, then they're really just dragging their feet. You could probably code it up in a weekend.

      iView in a browser doesn't work for me.. I get a big ABC logo and that's it!
      aview has a MUCH better interface for a tablet/phone or TV stick anyway

      Last edited 13/08/13 11:25 am

    Incompatible with all four of my devices... which is weird because they span different Android versions from 2.2 to 4.3.

    It'll be interesting to see how long it even takes them to notice

    It is the ABC......

    Works a treat on my Android 4.1.1 Chinese phone.

    Works great on the kids cheap tablets, couldn't find it at first when I searched, found that I had to open up the content filtering in play store first.

    Wow, I was shocked at how incredibly well done this app is. Apart from the name and the logo, you wouldn't even know that it wasn't a first party app from the ABC.

    Very slick and well presented, and incredibly fast as well (more than I can say for the official Foxtel Go app).

    Works fine on my updated 4.3 Nexus 7 16gb (2012). Does not seem to work on a Samsung galaxy tab 10.

    Hopefully if this gets taken down someone will place it online, because I won't be able to download it until tomorrow!

    gotta get this on my OUYA somehow...

    I've already saved a copy of the apk incase it gets taken down, but I don't believe it will.

    The ABC likes to take down apps that allow you to record ABC iView due to copyright infringement - politics around the social acceptability of copyright infringement aside, this app doesn't do that.

    If anything, the ABC should get the aview developers on their team to help with the official client. Employ them, don't shut them down!

    It doesn't infringe any copyright because you can't record from it and at no point does it claim to be an official app or related to the ABC in any way.

    This is very nicely done, works great on my Nexus 10.

    I wonder if the streams get geoblocked in other countries, like the iView site does. ABC might take issue with that otherwise.

      i tried it in the philippines and it just says "Cant play this video" so i would assume it doesnt have any geoblocking bypass built in...

      ill have to try it when i get back

    This worked fine on my Samsung phone, but not on my Asus tablet - when I open the app I get a message" an error occured". Not sure what's happening? Does this app require some other software?

    Just downloaded the app. (13th of October) Now I can watch classic Doctor Who episodes on iview (aview)

    Well the unofficial iview app is as good as the official iview app, neither will work on my Android Tablet.
    With this one I get the shows appear and their thumbnails but when I click on them I get "unable to play video"

    Seems a lot of the Aussie TV station apps do not like my tablet. Weird. Foreign and Youtube video apps seem to play video just fine for me.

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