Grand Theft Auto Officially Rated R18+ In Australia

Grand Theft Auto V won't be banned in Australia! Oh joyous day!

The eagerly-anticipated next instalment in the the Grand Theft Auto series has scraped through the Classification Board unscathed this morning. The game will now carry an official R18+ rating for Drug Use.

Drug Use was classified as high-impact by the Classification Board in its review, whereas themes, violence, language, nudity and sex were all deemed to have a strong impact.

The game that Australia gets will also be the same version shipped internationally, too, as Rockstar Games showed off the original version to the Classification Board, rather than a version modified for questionable content.

Here's the Classification Board's verdict on GTA V.

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    Fuck yeah, but is it the original uncut version submitted everywhere else?

    If my memory serves me correctly, Rockstar stated that the version of GTA IV they submitted was uncut and like the rest of the worlds but it was slightly watered down not to include bullet holes and blood ooze, it was eventually released uncensored but the principal as Rockstar lied when they said that the version we would receive would be the same.

    I am just glad i can keep my EB Games preorder, i know its more expensive but i don't mind paying a little extra.

      Oh I hope so, i don't want some stupid edited left for dead crap. The R18+ was meant solve that problem.

        Yeah I can't wait to be treated like an adult and fuck a whore then bash her head in and take the bitches money.... I'm a big boy now.

      why not just get them to price match when you pick it up? why pay more when there is clearly no need?

      It'll be censored, GTA4 had a shitload less blood trail than the international version, and no hookers.

      Picked it up from the UK and you could definitely tell, run over a group of pedestrians and your car would be dented with a tiny blood splatter in the aussie version, in the pom one you'd come out the other side looking like you were driving a used tampon.

        But the Aussie version eventually got released uncut once the PC and complete versions were released.

        But that said we have to wait until September to see if it's truly uncut.

        my Australian release version of #4 has hookers ...

          Are they any good?

            Depends how much you pay them. It lets you choose how much.

            Doesn't matter how much you give them because you just run them over when they get out of the car and you get the health bonus and your money back! :)

    Wow I'm surprised that they allowed this to pass unedited.
    Only due to the medicinal marijuana visible in the last trailer.
    Maybe usage of the word "medicinal" makes all the difference.

      Yeh.. I'm surprised by this also because it has always been the "drug use" stuff that have got games banned here.. even after R18+ passed we got that zombie game banned for drug use.. and so on.

      On another note, it's interesting to see that all the other categories are so high as well... the GTA-V developers are really pushing the limits with these games..

        Surely this just indicates that if you can use drugs, like the marijuana, in the game it doesn't give your character a gameplay benefit. Like how in GTA 4 you could get plastered, but it made it hard to do much of anything without falling over/crashing everywhere.

    its weird how much the classification board seems to have with drugs...

    Kill some is A-okay, but should you take a drug BAN!

      Well hey violence has been normalized in so much of our other media so at least it's somewhat consistent *shrugs*

      That's what always pisses me off too. And not just illicit drugs, but real life painkillers like morphine too (because using morphine instead of vitamins would definitely make us all want to become morphine addicts! /s). Its ridiculous when you think about the amount of drugs in films. Why should games be any different?

    So Saints Row 4 is banned for drug use and GTA 5 is given an R 18+ rating for drug use but no attempt is made to explain where this boundary lies?

    I guess paraphrasing press releases or articles on other websites is a lot easier than proper investigative journalism.

      The 'boundary' has already been explained many times. It's very, very clear. If you don't understand it by now, you're a moron.

      Saints Row is banned because the drug use is linked to a benefit and is part of a mission. In GTAV its optional and you don't get any tangible benefits from it.

    R18+ Excellent.
    My son will be gutted. Sucks to be him :-)
    FTW. :-)

      you should let him play anyway, im sure he is very excited for this game, after all, ratings are just suggestion right?

        I guess that would depend upon his sun's age and his susceptibility to act out violently as well as the major deciding factor ....

        His Mother.

          Considering the sun is about 4.6 Billion Years old I don't think it will be an issue :P

          His sun's 4.6 billion years old - same as everybody else's.

          If it depends on his sun's age, it wouldn't really matter seeing as his sun is most definitely over 18 years old.

    I wasn't expecting it to get held up, but it's still good to see the game get the appropriate rating.

    Gee aren't we lucky to have a game uncensored and available to us feeble minds the government must protect.. Because that's totally what the governments job is right? To protect our minds from certain ideas?

    Wait.. You mean it *isn't at all their job*?? Get outa here..

    Wow, finally an unedited copy of a game arrives in Australia. I can use my AU account as opposed to my US account I set up just to be able to review games without having some nanny-state nonsense version.

    The problem is we don't throw a hissy fit enough when our government do nanny-state stupid stuff from banning fireworks to gradually marginalizing sporting shooters to having our entire olympic contingent move overseas as they did (we used to get as many golds in shooting as we did in swimming once, but we'd never see it on TV over here).

    Even when censorship was about to come in, literally days before the filter was to go live most of the population were saying "It'll never happen." yet not doing anything to stop it. We're as lazy as American's when it comes to protecting our rights, especially as gamers.

    If GTA V was banned I'd have just used US based XBL accounts and my US based bank account and VISA to buy it that a certain gaming company I alpha for set up on my behalf--so nice of them, but it was kind of sad, I felt like such a retard mentioning hey, yeah, I love that you want me to review your shit but I kind of can't actually get access to it over here--which pretty much has more games on it than my AU account purely because I actually WANT TO PLAY THE GAME as it was made, not as gronky old censors feel it should be for the lowest common denominator.

    I am an adult. I am an Australian. I can play a video game without suddenly having the urge to shoot a gram of methamphetamines in my veiny dick, run down thirty pedestrians screaming "GUARANGA!" and killing hookers. In fact, I can damn well do all of that without the influence of video games thank you very fscking much Australian censors! (Oh irony, I had to censor fscking.)

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