Google Glass Isn’t Just For Overweight Geeks

Google Glass Isn’t Just For Overweight Geeks

Google Glass isn’t for everyone, especially with the press it has been getting from geeks recently, but Glass can actually serve an incredibly positive purpose: restoring independence to the mobility-impaired.

Alex Blaszczuk is a law student, photographer, cat owner and a paraplegic. A car accident left her paralysed from the chest-down in 2011 when she was on her way to a camping trip with friends. She now gets about with the help of a wheelchair, but can’t use her hands due to accident. That means she’s also unable to use a smartphone to take pictures, communicate, navigate or organise her life.

Two weeks ago, Alex became a Glass Explorer — one of the individuals getting exclusive access to Glass before the rest of us — and according to this feel-good story, it has helped to restore her independence.

Thanks to Glass, she’s now been able to go on her camping trip, taking beautiful photos along the way.

Yep: kicked me right in the feels.